San Antonio needs a champion.

A leader committed to building a safer, stronger, and smarter city where all of us can flourish. Manny is stepping up as he runs for mayor, and he believes deeply in the power of our community to make this vision a reality—together.

“I’m running for Mayor because I believe in San Antonio, and I have actionable, common-sense solutions to make us safer, stronger, and smarter. We can get our economy back on track, support our police and first responders, and put San Antonio first—without ever losing what makes us unique and authentic.”


Protect Families & Neighborhoods
Manny is dedicated to keeping our families safe and addressing crime in our neighborhoods. He is committed to tackling domestic violence and school safety proactively.

Strengthen Public Safety 
Manny understands that boosting public safety will require innovative approaches including hiring more police officers to patrol our streets and firefighters to protect our property.

Address Homelessness
Manny advocates for the full spectrum of compassionate assistance to homeless San Antonians. But Manny also stands for protecting neighborhoods by aggressively cleaning up dangerous homeless encampments.


Grow Our Economy
Manny’s plan: attract diverse businesses for long-term, high-quality jobs, ensuring equitable growth across San Antonio.

Develop Energy Resilience
Facing climate change, Manny proposes innovative energy solutions to keep San Antonio resilient and sustainable.

Care for Seniors
Manny commits to supporting seniors with programs that respect their dignity and contributions to our community.


Revitalize Downtown
Manny envisions a thriving downtown with new cultural and entertainment venues, making it a hub for locals and tourists alike.

Upgrade Transportation
Manny aims to modernize transportation, enhancing connectivity and efficiency across San Antonio.

Close the Digital Divide
Manny diligently works to bridge the digital divide, striving to ensure universal access and cultivate inclusivity and opportunity in the digital era.

Meet Manny

Manny Pelaez is an experienced community and business leader and attorney.  He has served as a San Antonio City Councilman for nearly 8 years, where he focused on:

  • fighting neighborhood crime;
  • improving infrastructure like streets, sidewalks, and drainage;
  • beautifying and creating new parks and trails;
  • lowering taxes, and;
  • investing in local businesses to drive economic development.


Before being elected to City Council, Manny served as Trustee of the VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Advanced Transportation District. 

As the Chairman of the Brooks City Base Board, Manny led the transformation of the former Air Force base to a thriving community and the live-work-play campus it is today. Manny’s leadership was instrumental in the development of over 3,000 jobs.

Manny also served as the General Counsel for the Bexar County Battered Women and Children Shelter for 20+ years.

During his time practicing law, Manny has represented over 175 homeowner associations, hundreds of homeowners, small businesses, and some of the larger employers throughout San Antonio. He was Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s first hire and served as their attorney for many years. He helped create the 4,000+ jobs that have transformed San Antonio’s manufacturing landscape. After Toyota, Manny went on to represent some of the world’s largest manufacturers in the automotive industry; creating more jobs and bringing serious investment to San Antonio.

Today, he continues to represent homeowners, business owners, schools, banks, and international companies from Japan, Spain, and Latin America.

Before graduating from St. Mary’s University School of Law, Manny earned his undergraduate degree from Trinity University where he met his wife Diana who was also a student there. Today, Diana is a teacher, and together they are the proud parents of two children.

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