Address Homelessness

A Community Crisis We Must Address Together

Homelessness is a human and public safety crisis that affects us all. Manny Pelaez believes that we must tackle this issue with the urgency and compassion it deserves, ensuring that San Antonio remains a city that cares for its most vulnerable.”

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Manny's direct involvement and unwavering commitment

Safer Streets and Neighborhoods

For the past seven years, Manny has been at the forefront of efforts to support and strengthen homelessness service organizations in San Antonio.

Statistics show that on any given night, over 2,800 individuals experience homelessness in San Antonio. This crisis demands a leader who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Manny has personally joined work crews,  to clear dangerous encampments and remove tons of trash.

Stronger Community Services

Manny has directed resources towards enhancing the capacity of service organizations to better address the needs of the homeless population.

By focusing on clearing homeless encampments near neighborhoods, Manny ensures the safety and well-being of all residents.

Smarter Solutions for Panhandling

Recognizing the complexity of homelessness, Manny has spearheaded successful initiatives to reduce panhandling by providing alternative support systems.

His district has led the way in these efforts, setting an example for the entire city and enhancing the safety and cleanliness of our public spaces.

A Vision for a Compassionate and Safe San Antonio

As your mayor, Manny will continue to invest in homeless shelters, ensuring they are equipped to provide compassionate care and essential services. This includes mental health support, job training, and pathways to permanent housing.

Manny understands that enforcement of the law must go hand-in-hand with compassionate care. Manny is committed to delivering services that help vulnerable individuals get back on their feet while maintaining the safety and well-being of every neighborhood.

Homelessness is not just a statistic; it’s about real people and real lives. Manny’s top priority will continue to be the safety and well-being of all San Antonio residents, ensuring that every person has the opportunity to thrive in a safer, stronger, and smarter city.